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About The Project

Project Title: The Development of Occupational health and Safety (OHS) Oriented Activities (Visual Materials and Applied Trainings) for Natural Stone Mining Sector to Prevent Occupational Accidents and Injuries

Contract No: TREESP1.1OHSMS/P-03/8

Contracting Authority: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services Directorate of European Union and Financial Assisstance

Project Budget: € 206.398,50

Project Lifetime: 01.02.2021-01.08.2022

Project Partners: Aegean Exporters Associations (Aegean Natural Stones and Minerals Exporters’ Associations) and Dokuz Eylul University (Mining Engineering Department)

Overall Objective: This project is aimed to increase the awareness and improvement of OHS in natural stone mining sector in Turkey to reduce occupational accidents and injuries.

Spesific Objectives: In line with the overall objective, the specific objectives of the project is to organize OHS workshops and trainings; to provide information guides, mobile applications, animation film and development of human resources (use of personel protective equipment (PPE), risk analysis, safety work) by applied trainings; to provide the establishment of a preventive health and safety culture; to upgrade OHS in natural stone mining sector to the level in EU countries.

Expected Results:

  • Increased awareness of importance and necessity of OHS applications in mining sector
  • OHS Guides, Visual Materials, PPE Guides
  • Two OHS developed pilot mining companies with their advanced risk analysis, properly used PPE, practical applications, trainings