Design Contests

Natural Stone Design Contest

By Aegean Minerals and Natural Stones Exporters Association "Natural Stone Project and Design Competition" was organized for the first time this year for students and professionals.

It is aimed to introduce Turkish natural stones to designers and architects to increase usage of natural stone in daily life, to contribute design of original and producible products, to bring together the industry and university students and professionals, to develop products that are strong in terms of design, high value added, environmentally friendly & sustainable.

"Natural Stone Project and Design Competition" organized in three different categories as utilization of marble residuals, exterior design, interior and furniture design.

Fashion Design Contest

Fashion Design Contest, organized by Aegean Apparel Exporters' Association, has been held every year since 2004 and continues to contribute to the development of design culture in our country and region since that date.

The Association accepts "fashion design" as one of the key points for a sustainable growth of the apparel export and exporting high value added apparel products. The aim of contest is to create an awareness platform for young designers in Turkey and to contribute to the development of Turkish Fashion Industry with the new values it offers to the sector. At the same time, it aims to bring together the industry, designers and professionals.

Leather Design Contest

The Turkish leather industry, with the quality of its leather products, the diversity in its production skill, with its fashion-oriented production concept has showed the success of positioning itself to a unique point with high artistic design quality and production skills by ensuring a serious accumulation of knowledge.

In order for this point arrived to be carried to higher places ever passing day and to support the brandization process of the Turkish leather industry, our Board of Directors of the Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association has decided to organize a contest with the aim of producing leather products with high added value, original designs to be made, supporting the leather engineers and designers of the future and integrating them into the sector.

This contest is the only contest in the world where the togetherness of the designer, engineer and the industrialist is realized conceptually.

Deri'n Fikirler(Profound Ideas- there is a word play in the Turkish name with Deri which means leather is associated with the word derin which means profound, deep), as of its objective, is a completion that has been implementes with the thought of adding values both to its participants and the future of the country. With the objective of enhancing the brand value of the leather industry in Turkey in the areas of design and production, it has aimed to develop original ideas applicable in the leather sector and by offering opportunities to young talents, ensuring them to make contributions to the leather sector in our country in the long term.