Turkish Processed Natural Stones Cluster

Aegean Mineral & Natural Stone Exporters’ Association (EMIB) has developed a project to expand the share of processed natural stone share in overall natural stone exports.Within this context , it is the plan to create a cluster in accordance with the common purposes and marketing exercises of participating firms;

  • To increase the export potential, market shares, the capability to manufacture a wider variety of natural stone products.
  • To dynamise export of value added products.
  • To assist firms in entering new markets and territories, branding with these design powered products while following new trends,
  • To effectively support and develop the marketing capabilities of  project participants.


Developing Production and Design Competences of Human Resources in Wedding and Evening Gown Sectors

The main objective of this project that will be implemented in cooperation with Aegean Apparel Exporters’ Association and Ýzmir Advanced Technical School is to improve competences of human resources in wedding and evening gown sectors. Within the context of this project, primarily, production and design workshops of Ýzmir Advanced Technical School will be modernized with new equipment and machinery. Afterwards, 5-months long training programme focussing on wedding and evening gown production and sewing techniques and fashion design will be implemented. Along with the completion of training programme, it is planned to integrate the course attendees to wedding and evening gown sectors as qualified workforce.


Technical Textiles Research and Development Center

The general purpose of the project, supported by Izmir Development Agency and which shall continue for 24 months, is to improve Izmir textile sector's competitive strength in the field of technical textiles and add acceleration to regional development. In this scope, a Technical Textiles Research and Development Center shall be established in Dokuz Eylul University Týnaztepe Campus and support shall be provided to stakeholders operating in this field to increase their competitive strength. The center shall focus on protective technical textiles as a priority, and in this scope a laboratory infrastructure shall be installed for test and analysis activities. In addition to the R&D activities to be run in the center, various projects based on industry needs shall also be planned and executed.


Novel automatic and stand-alone integrated pest management tool for remote count and bioacoustic identification of the Olive Fly - Bactrocera oleae - in the field

With the project, which is supported within the scope of European Commission 7th Framework Program and shall continue for 3 years, the aim is to create an “Integrated Pest Management System” to get ahead of the intensive chemical pesticide and labor used in preventing the problems created by olive fruit fly. With the system to be developed, olive producers shall be supported in increasing their production quantities, reducing their use of pesticides/insecticides, and additionally to reduce the extra labor required during both the application of pesticides and the manual following of the traps.


Innovation Management Academy

“Innovation Management Academy” was developed under the tutelage of Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and coordinated by Aegean Exporters’ Associations. Project is aimed at ensuring our companies internalize innovation processes and make it part of their company cultures. In Innovation Management Academy, a case-based training program was developed and supported by experts' videos and it was aimed to transfer R&D and innovation to the business community from “A to Z' with the reflections of theory in real life. Within this project, with the aim of extending the program through Turkey, 'Accredited Instructors' who participate in the Innovation Management Academy's Instructor Training shall organize trainings with the same scope throughout Turkey to enable the program to create a multiplier effects.


ENOVA - Developing Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor Programs in European Research Area

The project, financially supported under the European Commission's Erasmus+ Program, aims to create a curriculum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management for individuals who are studying in or graduated from various departments of university, such as engineering, arts and architecture, and who plan careers particularly as entrepreneurs. The curriculum foreseen as 42 hours (14 weeks) shall be designed as a one-semester or a summer school program and the program design shall be realized in light of outputs to be obtained as the result of a needs-analysis study to be conducted by bringing together the university and business environment.


Developing Case Based Vocational Training for Innovation Management (INNOCASE)

The Innocase project is being run under the Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (LdV) and during the project, with the adaptation of training materials developed by many European countries and being used in Europe to Turkey, an “Innovation Management Training Program” shall be developed. Within the scope of the project, which shall continue for 2 years, it is aimed to transfer training materials in the subject of “Innovation Management” and enhance their content for the purpose of developing the qualified human resources required for improving innovation capacities of companies and thus provide a contribution to capacity development in innovation.


Identification of Citrus Plantation Areas with Geographical Information Systems

With this project, which shall take 18 months, it is aimed to determine the citrus plantation areas in the cities of Izmir, Muđla and Aydýn and reveal the soil and irrigation water characteristics of citrus plantation areas. In this sense, with use of remote detection and geographical information system techniques, area sizes of citrus plantation areas in those cities on a city and district basis and their soil and irrigation characteristics shall be determined and with the numerical results to be obtained it is aimed to make a more comprehensive evaluation of citrus plantation areas.




Development of novel and advanced decontamination sustainable technologies for the production of high quality dried herbs and spices

The aim of the project, which is supported within the scope of European Commission's 7th Framework Program, is to prevent the loss in organoleptic properties, such as flavor, aroma, odor and color, encountered following traditional decontamination process of spices and aromatic plants which spice producers and exporters experience. The project term is 30 months and developing more effective decontamination methods is aimed.


Capacity Development for Cluster Managers

In this project, which is supported within the scope of European Commission – Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program, it was aimed to transfer to our country the “Cluster Benchmarking Tool”, the “Cluster Quality Label”, and the “Cluster Management Training Program” developed by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). Thus it was aimed to improve the competitive strengths of clusters both through cooperation between the clusters to be created and by enabling cluster management mechanisms in becoming professional. The project has lasted 2 years.


Increasing International Competitiveness of Organic Cluster

This Project developed under Ministry of Economy - Communique on Development of International Competitiveness, aims to increase the competitive strengths of organic products exporter companies operating in the Aegean Region in the international markets and enables a sustainable, profitable exports increase in the medium long term. Technical support was provided to companies in the project scope. The project has lasted 3 years.


Increasing International Competitiveness of Furniture Cluster

This Project, which was developed within the scope of Ministry of Economy - Communique on Development of International Competitiveness, aims to increase the competitive strengths of furniture exporter companies operating in the city of Izmir in the international markets and enable a sustainable, profitable exports increase in the medium long term. Promotion and marketing activities were realized with the companies included in the project to Dubai and Russia which have been determined as target markets and trade agreements were developed. The project has lasted 3 years.


Developing European Intercluster Alliance for Organic Agriculture

Supported within the frame of the Turkey-European Union Civil Society Dialogue – II grant program, it was aimed to develop dialogue between the stakeholders in the organic agriculture sector in Europe, increase commercial and technological cooperation in the sector, and ensure flow of information on new markets and customers. In this framework, effort was made within the scope of the project to collect all organic business clusters in Europe under the same platform. The project has lasted 18 months.


International Trade E-learning Suite for SMEs – Transfer Project

The project was developed for the purpose of transferring the results and method of the “InTeLS” project previously executed under the coordination of Coventry & Warwickshire, UK for developing and encouraging professional training programme in international trade and export. Transferring process was implemented based on the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises in Turkey.


Technical Textiles Excellence Center Feasibility Study

The feasibility project, which was supported by Izmir Development Agency and lasted 3 months, is focusing on technical textiles, which is a very important branch of the textile sector, one of the locomotive sectors in Turkey for production, employment and exportation. Within the scope of the project, first a Technical Textile Sector Situation Analysis was conducted and the state of the sector in the world, in Turkey and in Izmir was revealed in a study. In the next stage of the project, companies were visited and Technical Textiles Sector Value Chain Analysis was performed. In the final stage, a feasibility study was prepared for the establishment of an excellence center planned to operate.


Innovation Management Academy Pilot Programme

The modular and integrated “Innovation Management Academy” was developed by Aegean Exporters’ Associations and was supported by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly. For the first time in Turkey, with the training program, training participants achieve a level to have the qualification to prepare an innovation project for their companies starting with the foundations of innovation. 18 people have participated from 13 companies to the training program which lasted a total of 14 days on 7 weekends.


Research Study for the Alternative Uses of Mandarin

Within the scope of the feasibility study which was supported by the Izmir Development Agency and lasted for 3 months, firstly an analysis of mandarin wastages was performed for the whole process from the plantation areas until reaching the consumer. Following that, alternative value added products were determined which would be obtained from wastage and refused products, production processes for alternative products were detailed and their sector structures were revealed.


Good Agricultural Practices Project - II

With the project, which was supported by Izmir Development Agency, it was aimed to develop Good Agricultural Practices R&D infrastructure for agricultural product processing facilities and along with this to increase the practices directed at food safety and sustainable production. Within the scope of the project which lasted 12 months, a traceability system operating in electronic environment was developed, to cover the whole process from production until reaching the consumer.


Good Agricultural Practices Project - I

Within the scope of the project, which was supported by Izmir Development Agency and lasted 9 months, it was aimed to establish training infrastructure on Good Agricultural Practices, increase the awareness of agricultural business owners and employees on Good Agricultural Practices and improve institutional capacity of Izmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture to accelerate the transition to good agricultural practices.


Ege Business Innovation Center

Within the scope of the project, which was supported by European Commission – Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, Aegean Exporters’ Associations became member of Enterprise Europe Network which is the world's largest business network. With this project it was aimed to support companies in the region to build trade cooperations, break into new markets and access EU funds to increase the competitive strengths. The project has lasted 3 years.


International Marketing Specialists Matching and Training Project

The purpose of the project, which was supported by the European Union, was to make a contribution to the employment of unemployed youth and women in Izmir. For this purpose, 60 unemployed youths from ages 18 to 29, residing in Izmir, were trained in Russian, Greek and Spanish languages for 7 months. Concurrent with these, they were also given training on Basic Marketing, Export and International Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. At the end of the project, project participants who received those trainings were matched with the companies and found the opportunity to transfer their gains obtained during to project to their business lives.